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Home Damage

11/15/2016 (Permalink)

General Home Damage This is our response

This is what a response from SERVPRO can look like from the front porch of your home. In the moment of a disaster it can seem like no one is there to help. Within a short while once damage is assessed we will have crews on site ready for any situation at any time. Our staff is well trained with IICRC, Mold, Bio, Fire, or any other immediate disaster needs. Working with this crew has been a wonderful experience and it honestly feels great to have the opportunity to help others. I personally cant think of any other field of work or company that I would enjoy working for this much. When you are there to help it gives you a deep gratitude and satisfaction knowing you can spend your days helping others in difficult situations. Just know that if you have a disaster we are always here to help and we as a team will make it like it never happened. Fire, Water, Mold, or even a tree falling on your home.

Commercial Fires Affect Everyone

9/26/2016 (Permalink)

Commercial Commercial Fires Affect Everyone Forest Grove Apartment Fire

Some of you out there may not realize this but if you live in an apartment complex that has a fire it may affect you also. The fire was on the exterior of the home and not involving everyone's units. Power was still cut to the entire structure deeming all the rental spaces un-liveable. The fire spread all the way to the attic space and the firemen spent hours trying to put out this Residential Fire. Water mitigation was a tremendous amount of work also being that they spend a whole hour spraying water to put out hot spots in the structure. At a time like this additional living expenses can come into play so make sure you are covered on your insurance. You could end up like alot of these people who were not covered and are now digging through piles of burned debris for what valuables they have left. Coverage will make sure you have a place to lay your head and atleast wash all the soot off from a recently active house fire.

Remember your Smoke Detector

9/22/2016 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Remember your Smoke Detector Garage Fire

It might not seem like a big thing until its too late. In this case the fire had started in the garage but was not heard until the fire had already spread. When working in the home we noticed smoke detectors had been displaced from their original locations. We gladly provided smoke detectors for the home but had they been in place they may have prevented more damage. Fire Damage was not the only predator at this fire though with Water Mitigation being a huge part of the work. Julie who works with us was in charge of all the inventory for this home. Almost all of the items in the garage had to be salvaged. We love turning back the clock and making it like it never happened but there are some things that cant be replaced like family photos. We would like to see all homes at all times outfitted with smoke detectors and some day hopefully we will.

This Is What Sprinkler Systems Do

9/19/2016 (Permalink)

Water Damage This Is What Sprinkler Systems Do Sprinkler System

Although sprinkler systems can be intended to provide a great service they can unfortunately be accidentally tripped. In this case a group of young children were rough housing in the apartment alone when one of them hit the sprinkler system on the ceiling. To their surprise a hurricane ensued and drenched the entire apartment. Remember to NEVER hang anything on your sprinkler system no matter how cute and they can be set off with an aggressive bump. No rough housing indoors unless you bring your swim suit. Water damage and Flooding can be a time consuming and tough work but its work we love here at SERVPRO.

Sometimes Fire Can Be Scary To Look At

8/30/2016 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Sometimes Fire Can Be Scary To Look At Scariest Arborvitae Fire Ever

When it gets hot and dry outside always try your best to remember cigarette fires can spread from barkdust to the exterior of a home. This fire started from a cigarette which escalated to a arborvitae fire which then encompassed the home. When fire firemen arrived to this blaze they found fire in the attic of the home and the upper levels having to chainsaw holes and vent the roof to spray water into the attic. Thankfully no one was living in the home at the time and it was isolated to this single condominium in Portland on 87th. This is not the first time we have seen this and it will not be the last however best you can though try to remember SERVPRO is there to help.

Girls Night Out Event: Damsels in Defense

5/8/2015 (Permalink)

In September of 2011 two friends founded a company based on their desire to empower women.   Mindy Lin and Bethany Hughes created "Damsels in Defense" to fill a market they felt was sorely lacking.  Their vision was to create a line of self-defense products that was functional, safe and fun.  Their mission is to equip, empower and educate women.  Through stylish yet effective products they have succeeded in making women take the initiative to both arm themselves and to learn basic survival tactics.  With the rate of crimes against women on the rise, their company has seen significant growth.  With over 8,000 Independent Damsel Pros nationwide they are well on their way to meeting their mission of equipping, empowering and educating the women of the world one damsel at a time.

SERVPRO of Milwaukie/Happy Valley along with Safelight are happy to be offering a free Girls Night Out event so that you can learn about the company first hand.  Join us on Thursday, June 18th at the Denny's Banquet Room in Clackamas at 5:30 as Independent Damsel Pro Nicolette Stevens teaches us how to defend ourselves and introduces us to the product line.   A light dinner will be served and door prizes will be handed out.  We guarantee that it will be both fun and informative.   Bring your friends! Damsels in distress don't always have happy endings; learning to defend ourselves is one of the best decisions we may ever make.  Please RSVP to or call 503-652-3997.  We really hope to see you there!